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I love the redesign and origins of the Gorn in this one!

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Tie in games and books have never been considered canon before. Don't see any reason to start now.
Orci and a at least one Paramount exec pretty much said it's canon and takes place before Into Darkness. There is also a line in the movie by McCoy that links to a line said by him in the game regarding the emergency c-section.

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Thousands of years ago, the Gorn could've suffered a cultural split much like the Vulcans/Romulans. One group set out to find a new home and ended up in our galaxy. Beginning anew.

And the Gorn velociraptor from Enterprise seemed much quicker than his TOS counterpart.

Easy as pie.
Yeah, either the Gorn in the Milky Way are descended from the Gorn from the other galaxy due to willing relocation, some form of abduction, banishment or they went through some portal or wormhole a very long time ago and got stranded. It could explain why most of the Gorn look the same in the Milky Way is because they were one of the many species of Gorn and that particular caste/species found themselves in our galaxy. These local Gorn are more civilized obviously maybe so because they were "alone" now.

One thing that I found out that I never thought about either was the similarities between the Helios Device and Genesis. Almost kind of a reference back to the Prime universe which was kind of neat.
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