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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

The aforementioned choices made by Meyer are the reasons that for my "personal canon" I've assigned ST2-6 to take place in a different continuity from ST/TAS/TMP.

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^^^As compared the the original Enterprise with it's big, old fashioned parabolic dish?
That's merely one part, and is not indicative of the overall design of the 1701, unlike the entire Epsilon design, which looks very much like something projected by 20th century NASA.
I never had any issue with the Epsilon station, until now, lulz.

Although, now that it's been brought up, the drydock and orbital office don't really have much of a "Star Trek" design aesthetic either. Heh, maybe I need to reconsider where TMP fits in my personal canon.

Although, really, everything looks so different in TMP it seems more like at least 10-15 years have passed in universe, not the three or so stated in the dialogue.
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