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Re: Joker falling off a building

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. . .Dar Robinson. . .Stick. . .
. . .I remember that. I never saw the movie, but the stunt itself was big news. As I recall, it was a pioneering use of the descender system, a wire mechanism that allowed a stunt performer to fall freely until shortly before reaching the ground when they were quickly decelerated. . .
Don't seek out the movie; Robinson's fall is the best thing in it. And you're right, the wire rig was his own patented system he called the "decelerator". He lobbied to play the character throughout the film, just so that the death would be even more of a shock to audiences. Emptying the gun was his idea too.

That stunt alone caused me to start trying to find out who Dar Robinson was, because seeing that film in a theater on release, I thought he was just another actor. The onscreen death without a stuntman cutaway really surprised me.
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