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Re: Star Trek Redux

OK Maurice, how's this?

David Winfrey

Star Trek Redux aims to resurrect the spirit of TOS with a mix of SF, action-adventure, drama and the occasional comedy, and to re-introduce to this franchise the challengingly mature social and political commentary characteristic of TOS at its best, a torch since passed to the likes of Babylon 5 and the new Galactica. The USS Endeavour follows Defiant’s launch by some months, serving to maintain fleet strength pending advent of the refitted Enterprise and her sisters.

The cast of Redux aims to recapture the then-utopian mix of Kirk’s crew. Captain Fazal Allende is a practicing Muslim (as startling a hero as was Uhura a bridge officer in the 1960s). A female First Officer and Chief Engineer, a (rightfully, though amusingly) culturally proud Chinese helmswoman, a gay navigator, Richard Daystrom’s son as science officer, a Vulcan Chief Medical Officer, a Security Chief from the deep South, and various others season the mix.

Redux rings changes on familiar Star Trek technologies as well – though not as a re-imagining, but rather per close examination of what TOS depicted (as vs. what has since been maintained to be canon). Endeavour’s impulse drive is hyperlight-capable, her saucer routinely detachable, her photon torpedoes the energy pods of matter and antimatter introduced subsequent to “Balance of Terror,” not the physical armaments of the films and sequels. Her overall length is 1262 feet (as deducible from the relative proportions of a full-scale shuttlecraft and hangar as seen in TOS – though notably the remastered episodes – and required to permit the rec deck and parallel torpedo bays of the refitted starship).

Redux includes both stand-alone and multi-part episodes, series-long character development, a pair of recurring villains, and ongoing story arcs. Per the latter, the beginning and end of a projected seven-season series exist, as well as certain “waypoint” events – but only some 20 scripts have been written, offering many opportunities for future screenwriters. This website offers the opportunity for others to explore and contribute to the would-be Redux universe.
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