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Re: Trip Asking for Prime Rib

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Though it's kind of funny T'Pol called Archer and Trip barbaric carnivores or something to that effect.... last I checked humans are omnivores... those that aren't, it's by choice. You'd think T'Pol would know that... or she was just baiting them because she didn't want to be there.
I don 't think that being an omnivore is any kind of an issue when you have replicator technology.

So, back to factory farming...
It's only an issue because T'Pol decided her values have to be better than everyone else's and drew the conclusion that anyone who didn't embrace them are barbaric be default.

Heck fast forward to the 24th century. O'brien, Sisko and Eddington all declared on numerous occasions that real food tastes better than replicated stuff. Couple that with the fact that food preparation has been a hobby for many throughout humanity and still is in the 24th if you look at Sisko and his dad, then I don't see why there wouldn't be livestock and farms still. That "raw meat" Keiko so surprisingly gasped over and all Joe Sisko's shrimp had to come from somewhere after all.
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