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Re: Justice League: War (animated movie)


So the time has come. The "New 52!" is now going to be the central dominate setting for everything DC. If that's so with this new Justice League: War movie, screw it. I want nothing with the DC universe anymore. Wonder Woman was my absolute fave before the New 52 screwed her royally by issue 3 of her comic. My favorite Amazons are now man hating, child slavery endorsing, cold-blooded murderers who are depicted as being so evil and so dumb that they can't even make their own weapons and armor without selling their children to hellish demons. Both in the comics and in the previous Wonder Woman movie, they were the good guys! A whole army of female warriors fighting evil! That was awesome. But we can't have awesome female anything in this new 52 because that would detract from our superstars Batman and Superman, so we'll just have Brian retool Wonder Woman to be the most male dependent character in the entire line up.

Remember how the classic Wonder Woman came into the world thanks to Hippolyte's want for a child and presented Diana to her Amazon sisters declaring "I give you your Princess. I give you our daughter!". Well, obviously that was the stupidest thing in existence because now Diana has her sidekick "Wonder Girl"'s origin by being the bast*** child of Zeus, and it's strongly implied by Hippolyte in her five-page, highly detailed explanation about how awesome the sex with Zeus was that Diana was a complete accident. Oh, and be sure to make Hippolyte blonde because we want to make sure that Wonder Woman has more traits from Zeus than her own mother. Oh, and Hippolyte is now turned to stone and the Amazons turned into snakes, because why develop them as characters when we can focus on the "New Gods" that the writer and artist seem to be more interested in than Wonder Woman herself?

Surely there's got to be some semblance of Wonder Woman's Amazon origin, like her fighting skills? Nope. Let's do an issue #0 where Ares was the one to train Diana to be a competent warrior and further show how the ways of an all female group of women are weak compared to manly gods! Because Ares is the god of war and he's very popular with the Amazon culture! We obviously can't have Athena, goddess of war have anything to do with Wonder Woman, because that would take away her "male dependency" in the comic.

I hate the "New 52", and you can bet all the comics in the DC line up that I will not support this New 52 Wonder Woman in any way. But I would like to thank the animation department for making it easier by giving her that dreadful outfit.

But hey, if this is your thing, more power too ya. Just know that DC animation has about as much faith in Wonder Woman as they do with any other character who isn't Batman or Superman. They aren't interesting characters in their own right unless they're directly associated with Batman/Superman.
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