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Fan-made video site?


I'm new here, but a long time Trek Fan, I used to watch the original series when I was a child. (gave away my age I guess.).

Anyway, has anyone run across a site dedicated to fan-made Star Trek themed shorts, parodies, etc.? You find the occasional bit on youtube, which I guess is as good as any, but aside from comments, there's little real discussion.

I would like to see a site dedicated to star trek media, with forums that would allow would-be directors and filmmakers to collaborate on projects and share results.

And, along those lines.... 25 or so years ago, several friends and I were talking about doing a little tweak to the Star Trek opening sequence. I finally did it and put the tweaked opener on youtube. It's subtle, can you catch it? (non-monotized video, I make nothing if you watch it, I just want to share.)

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