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Re: Person of Interest Season 3

Bob Morton wrote: View Post
Another excellent episode. I too enjoy how the storylines intersect.

The part where Reese finds the fridgefull of heavy weaponry but it's "nothing unexpected" was good and calls back to Reeses collection in the library that Finch didn't approve of in Season 1.

Is Kevin Chapman doing another show or working on a movie? It seems like he only gets one or two short scenes every week.

I liked Finch and Roots conversation at the end. Who can really say what the Machine wants? But I'm eager to find out what the new "third catagory" is.
Chapman has two movies coming out soon, so yes, I assume he was working on film when they shot some of these episodes.

Zombie Seeker wrote: View Post
Finch and Root's conversation at the end? Did I stop watching too soon or are talking about Finch and Shaw?
Yes, you stopped watching too early. Finch is now keeping Root prisoner in the library.
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