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I don't watch the show myself, but I gotta say, I've been enjoying the AV Club's weekly reviews:

Precious seconds are ticking away while that bomb is out there somewhere, but Red still has his insane “I do everything face-to-face” rule, so he pops over to Germany to confront Maxwell. He tells him that he’d better talk, because some other guy named Yuri sold him out, and in fact, Yuri “talked faster than a cheerleader after a nooner under the grandstand. Probably not a metaphor you understand.” I hope to God this is the start of a new weekly gimmick, so that in every episode from now on, Red will say something incomprehensible and then pretend that the person he’s speaking to is only bewildered because of cultural differences. “Pierre, if you’ll excuse the old expression, your guilt is as evident as a left-handed Cajun accordionist’s fondness for Pindar’s Victory Odes. Sorry, I guess that was lost in translation somehow.”
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