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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

Heh...don't think anyone has mentioned "The Icarus Factor" yet. The whole B.S. forced conflict between Riker and daddy Riker and the insipid Anbo-jyutsu nonsense, "the ultimate in martial arts blah blah blah..." - Riker should already know it's the "Ultimate Whatever"; had he not spent most of his childhood getting his ass kicked by his cheating father in this retarded sport? Yeah, I know the "announcement" was breaking the fourth wall for the audience's benefit, never having seen it before, but generally speaking, bouncing around on trampolines with massive Q-tips made them look like rejects from American Gladiator. In all seriousness, most the first 2 seasons of TNG really should be decanonized. There are TAS episodes that were better written!
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