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Re: Joker falling off a building

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Well, to me, the fact that the Joker didn't fall to his death in The Dark Knight is what made me think it was referencing his original death in Batman.
Except that was not, by any definition, "his original death." The Joker had been around as a character for nearly half a century when that movie came out, and had been seemingly killed a number of times before it. Indeed, he was supposed to die at the end of Batman #1 in 1940, but the editor insisted they add a line revealing that he would survive his injuries.

He's falling while laughing and the audience expects he'll die in the same way, but he doesn't. It could be a coincidence, I just think, given the sample size of Batman movie deaths, it's less likely.
The Joker does pretty much everything while laughing. Again, it's not remotely distinctive enough to prove deliberate imitation.

And the sample size of Batman live-action movies is too small to be statistically useful anyway.
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