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Re: Joker falling off a building

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FWIW, I took the Dark Knight's scene to be a reference to the original Batman movie scene (hence why it was subverted by having the Joker survive).
That seems profoundly unlikely to me. Falling is such a generic movie-villain death that it's not a distinctive enough similarity to suggest a connection. If it were, say, two scenes of the Joker being shot with a harpoon gun by a trained seal, then that would be distinctive enough that one would probably be an homage to the other. But falling? That's just too commonplace. It's like saying that two scenes of the Joker laughing are referencing each other.
Well, to me, the fact that the Joker didn't fall to his death in The Dark Knight is what made me think it was referencing his original death in Batman. He's falling while laughing and the audience expects he'll die in the same way, but he doesn't. It could be a coincidence, I just think, given the sample size of Batman movie deaths, it's less likely.
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