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Re: Commodores in command of Starships?

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The captain of the Lexington, assuming that there had recently been one besides Commodore Wesley, could have just retired or gotten promoted. Heck, he could even have died, either naturally or in the line of duty. There just aren't any facts to go on.
We are talking about the captain's chair of a starship, the most prestigious one in the Starfleet (and possibly just one out of 12).

Any vacancy would be immediately filled (with plenty of candidates for such an esteemed job) and I lack the imagination that Starfleet just waited for this vacancy and then rescheduled all the other 4 starships to take part in the M-5 war games.

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Also, there is no evidence I'm aware of supporting the idea that the high-backed command chair denotes a flag ship. I'd be interested, if Harvey, Maurice, or someone is aware of any production notes on why it was done.
I would love to learn more myself. But the fact remains that the Lexington was the lead ship in the M-5 war games and with a flag officer in command which could very well qualify as a flagship.

And there are not that many flag officers commanding TOS starships:

Commodore Matthew Decker - USS Constellation
Commodore Robert Wesley - USS Lexington
Captain Chandra - USS ?
Captain Harris - USS Excalibur
Captain James T. Kirk - USS Enterprise
Captain Krasnovsky - USS ?
Captain Ronald Tracey - USS Exeter
Captain ? - USS Defiant

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In other words, the fact that three chairs are alike (Enterprise, Exeter, Defiant), whereas one is different (Lexington), proves nothing, when only a third, or less, of the command chairs in ships of that class have been sampled.
I don't know if that's something we may have forgotten but IIRC the bigger chair used to identify the "boss" at any conference table. Considering your Star Wars comments in the other thread just check out Governor Tarkin's chair at the Death Star conference. His is the biggest because he is in charge and Admiral Motti and General Taggi and Darth Vader (!) will do as he says...

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