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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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I'd thought so, particularly as the on-screen evidence seems to suggest that Star Fleet prefers to train teams (which justifies why we should see Our Heroes sticking together for decades instead of everyone getting their promotions or transfers and going off to other posts).
Starfleet certainly emphasizes the team approach. But my impression is that the TOS cast was kept together because of their popularity and because it was more convenient in terms of each film's plot. It's much easier to use established characters with whom the audience is already familiar than it is to break in new characters.
Well, yes, it goes without saying that that's the real-world reason. The point is to try to concoct an in-universe reason why Starfleet would do things that way, so that it doesn't feel so artificial.

One of the reasons why TMP is vilified is because of the inclusion of characters (Decker & Ilia) whom the audience doesn't know.
I've been hearing people vilifying TMP for decades, but I don't recall that being a major theme in the criticisms. It's more that people feel the familiar cast members were out of character and lacking in their old rapport (although that was justified in-story by their years apart and their changed circumstances). After all, TOS frequently built stories around its guest stars, including dozens of one-shot Enterprise crew members, so there's no reason why adding a couple of unfamiliar characters would've been anything unusual for the fans.

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But there was a Paramount press release about TMP's uniforms that mentioned that the Enterprise's insignia had been adopted by the rest of the fleet in recognition of its successful 5YM, Justman's earlier forgotten memo notwithstanding. (Perhaps to explain away the previous errors?)
Paramount's publicity department is not a canonical source. By 1979, the myth about the insignia being unique to the Enterprise had become commonly accepted in fandom (despite the contradictory evidence in "Court-martial"), and the Paramount publicity writers probably just picked it up from there. There were a lot of things that were unquestioned conventional wisdom in fandom in the '70s and '80s but that we have since learned to be false.
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