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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

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I would have at least liked to have seen that secretary's emblem turned into a flower for TOS-R. Perhaps it would have been too expensive an operation for convincingly "repairing" just a few seconds of footage, even in 2006, assuming the production staff even noticed it.
I'm happy they didn't mess with Mendez' secretary. Would you also recommend they should have changed the deltas / arrowheads on the uniforms of Kirk's "friends" in "Court Martial"?

Mendez' secretary could have just been in charge of starship-only affairs, hence the delta / arrowhead.

Where the Bob Justman memo (thanks GSchnitzer) continues to confuse me is this: If we assume that he wanted to state that all "starship captains" in a perfect world wear the delta, he still owes us the answer why commodores in charge of starships (at least and most definitely Matt Decker) were entitled to wear a different insignia.

Does this mean that once a captain is promoted to the rank of commodore he can pick his personal choice of insignia for himself (and perhaps for his crew?).

If the insignia selection process qualifies as a reward, I see no problem why Starfleet shouldn't honor the accomplishments of a certain starship by adopting its insignia as the general one for Starfleet (i.e. "The Cage / Menagerie" Orion scene - April's Enterprise / "Court-Martial" & "The Menagerie" - Pike's Enterprise / "Court-Martial" etc. - Wesley's Lexington ).

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