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Re: Commodores in command of Starships?

The captain of the Lexington, assuming that there had recently been one besides Commodore Wesley, could have just retired or gotten promoted. Heck, he could even have died, either naturally or in the line of duty. There just aren't any facts to go on.

Also, there is no evidence I'm aware of supporting the idea that the high-backed command chair denotes a flag ship. I'd be interested, if Harvey, Maurice, or someone is aware of any production notes on why it was done.

As for why they didn't make the Exeter's chair a high chair, the answer could be very simple: if there's variety in the chairs, why should every chair be alike except Kirk's. In other words, the fact that three chairs are alike (Enterprise, Exeter, Defiant), whereas one is different (Lexington), proves nothing, when only a third, or less, of the command chairs in ships of that class have been sampled.
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