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Re: A more realistic approach to away teams

And what about spacesuits? I wonder why they are so uncommon in the 23-24 senturies, and if radiation/decompression/biohazard/life support failure SUDDENLY appears, people just keep asking transporter engineer if he has already locked on the away team. But when you are, for example, beaming on the 100 years old ship drifting in space, or some damaged vessels, you would probably want to be protected from some immediate threat - to take a spacesuit with you, giving transporter engineer time to save all the redshirts' atoms or even don't mind the vacuum/radiation and just continue exploring/investigating. After all, 200-300 years is quiet enough to make spacesuits more comfortable and protective (even cool-looking as we are talking about the TV show) than those that we have now.
Because colored shirts are really bad protection from radiation exposure, Spock guarantees that.
Also, they could record mission on personal badge cameras or something (maybe they do, but not always - TNG "Identity Crisis") and transmit image on the bridge main screen instead of reporting by communicators.

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No one ever accused Trek of making sense.
Yes, it wouldn't be the Star Trek that we know. It never tried to look realistic. The ENT series were closer to our 21 century reality and that show was completely different from the TOS or TNG.
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