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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

From The Most Toys, after a gazillion attempts to get Data to put on the new clothes Fajo brought for him:

FAJO: Don't worry -- the solvent won't damage your skin. But in minutes it will completely dissolve your uniform.

I'd be delighted to have you go naked...
To each his own, but why didn't that part sound right?

From Heart of Glory, where they're rescuing klingon survivors and rushing off a ship about to explode--

GEORDI: Commander, this ship is BLOHHHHW-ing!!!
Another corny sounding line from early TNG ...

TUVOK: I am picking up a vessel, Captain. It's Borg.

TUVOK: Captain. You must relieve me of duty, at once.
SEVEN: An assimilation virus has penetrated our defences!

CHAKOTAY: We're becoming drones!!!!

JANEWAY: Hard to starboard. Reinforce the shields!

KIM: Incoming fire! Doctor!

The Doctor:: Computer, activate the ECH.

COMPUTER: Acknowledged. Transferring all systems to your command. You have the Bridge.

The Doctor: Indeed. Shields to maximum. Photon torpedoes, full volley. Fire! Computer, report!
This is just awful dialogue, the acting everything..
Oh wait, this was the Doctor's's still awful
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