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Re: TF: A Ceremony of Losses by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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This wasn't very good - on the plus side it's well-written and the character of Bashir get some good moments but that is outweighed by the problems with the book that are numerous.

I enjoyed it more than you but would agree the portrayal of the President went way over the top - I expected him to give an evil cackle after every line.

It's interesting - we've had a lot of books in the first few years covering the political aspect of the Federation and its members and it does feel that the politicans rarely come out of it well. It fits with our cynical world but jars somewhat in the supposedly more muture & open society of the Federation.
Plus it seems we are heading to a situation where two out of the last three Federation presidents were 'taken out' by the Military - some liberal democracy!
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