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Re: Star Trek Redux

First, I have no problem with the "mere existence" of the project. It's the hand waving around the idea instead of the actual idea that I tire of reading on this site. The "tone" is self important.

Me, I prefer details about what something IS to fluffy aspirations.


Flight of the Icarus is an dramatic series about the crew of the titular starship engaged in the Earth-Romulan War 100 years before Star Trek. The stories follow adventures of the ship and its war-weary crew as they struggle to defend Earth outposts, shipping lanes, settlements and the "freedom" of the Sector from a mysterious, relentless foe whom they've never seen face to face. At the core of the show are themes about holding onto humanity and compassion in a world which compels people to become wind-up soldiers and killing machines without conscience.

The format is a "procedural" in which the crew has missions to accomplish, and we see the details of how they do it in enough detail so that it's real and believable and has grit and consequences which test the characters' mettle in matters professional and personal.

The format is "Bochco" style, with overlapping plots, one starting, one in the middle, and another ending in each episode. Episodes may also contain a self-contained single story.
Etc. etc.

That's a brief show pitch. It's got what, where, why and how, and now only needs the who—the characters. There's meat there: the setting, the episode format, and, most important, the theme the show would explore.

(BTW, I just made that up on the fly, it's not something I'm writing.)
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