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Re: Supernatural Season 9 (Spoilers)

"Sorry about the nards, Dean."

I was admittedly apprehensive about the whole Oz thing last week, but the show had me eating my words.

The b&w flashbacks that opened and intercut the episode were very well done; seeing Haggerty and Jenkins firing up the MoL headquarters was cool. Baum being a Man of Letters, "Frank's girl" Dorothy being a hunter (I always love the disdain that MoL have for hunters), and Haggarty's commitment to killing the witch long after he lost his partner and Dorothy -- all great stuff. The green eyes when Jenkins got whammied was striking in the b&w footage.

Also striking was the exceptional CGI work for the small glimpses of Oz that were featured. The visual effects people really cut loose on those few moments.

As per usual, the Charlie and Crowley characters were handled brilliantly. Every time these two are respectively featured in an episode, it leaves you wanting more with them. I'm hoping that a tornado deposits Charlie back on Earth before the end of the season -- one episode a year isn't nearly enough Felicia Day for me.

The Zeke cameo reinforced Cas's assessment that Ezekiel really is one of the good guys. His comment to Dean about how they BOTH don't want him in Sam's body more than necessary seemed genuine to me.

This episode is easily the best so far this season.

I'll reserve judgment on Dean barking at a mailman until I watch next week's episode in full...
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