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Re: Who was a better counselor, Troi or Guinan?

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I gotta go along and say Guinan was better. Without her empathy, Troi was useless and spent most of her time on the bridge sensing stuff. Guinan was way better.
With her empathy, Troi was useless. The way she was written, 90% of the time, she had a keen sense of the obvious. If they didn't have her on the bridge so much, especially earlier on, they could have used her talents to greater effect at more pivotal moments.

That they had to bring Guinan on board pretty much speaks to how much the writers botched the concept of her role.

I think if she was less on the bridge and had an office next door to Dr. Crusher, for mental health, she could have been used to greater effect. Add in some stigma to mindreaders in the galaxy among rival alien cultures, making Picard consult her privately as his ace in the hole, maybe she could have been something more special.

Guinan was better at helping people. She even helped Data's daughter become more human more than anything Troi could have done.
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