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Re: Star Trek Redux

As I said (quite clearly I think) what I'm doing/have done is WRITING. Being as how I lack the resources to do more…and since the only way to attract such (sans pay) is to attract volunteers…it seems to me the practical next step is to advertise the product. I'm not first out of the gate, and what's been done already is incredible. As has been said elsewhere, "Why should I be interested in Capt. Y aboard Starship Z?" What I've posted here is the introduction to "why." Which I tried to keep short and NON-self-agrandizing. I welcome scathing criticism, but a simple dismissal isn't useful to me in trying to tweak the product (i.e., my eventual website intro).

I don't know the length limit on posts, and figured it rude to post a script (in which pudding the proof, if any, would be). But Maurice, if you'd care to sample the product, drop me a PM with your email address. Maybe you'll like it, maybe not. And if that doesn't grab you, how about letting me know what SPECIFICALLY in my "intro" put you off -- other than its mere existence?
David Winfrey
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