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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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That old omnirumour still won't die...

Now, I'll grant you that I've been told about Marco Polo since last november, and I've had it from multiple sources that it'll be announced on the 23rd, but the rest of it... Sorry, still not believing, especially when you've got, for example, this article claiming both that Power has and has not been recovered depending on which paragraph you read...
Ummh... take out the mention of 10th Planet and the contradictory mentions of Power, and it's almost credible, as (once you think it through) it says they've got back all the episodes where copies were sent overseas and the BBC was never sent confirmation of their destruction (as with Time Meddler, War Machines, Enemy and Web).
Key word: ALL. For most of those episodes, there's only one untraced copy. And those copies were sold to different countries from season to season.
I could believe in one country, maybe two, having kept their copies for 40 years, but all three (four if you add in the Nigeria finds)? That's not just a lottery win, it's a six number lottery win.
Still... the Marco, Massacre, Macra rumour is the one I've been getting from reasonably reliable sources (who seem more reliable now that stage one has proved pretty much right). And that would almost certainly mean recoveries from three countries, so...
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