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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

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SR = Starship Registry?
Close. Spaceship Registry...and I like the sound of it.

The background HDR image is 300 dpi yet it's only 3000 x 1500 pixels. I rendered it as four main separate separate layers: black background, small distant stars, nebula and larger nearer stars. I also made a layer of some star clusters and dark clouds. All the stars I generated from scratch in Photoshop but the nebula is from a Hubble image I tweaked for my own use. What Maxwell does is allow you to project this image as a circular screen background that surrounds your model. As such you can rotate your background as well as your model to get different views. You can also project your background image as a dome, but I think you have to create the original image differently. I'm not sure yet.

Eventually I'll learn how to do planets where you model a sphere or half sphere and map a surface texture onto it. I understand you can do that in layers as well in terms of land masses, oceans and clouds. That's got to be a challenge.

Presently I'm planning to do these scenes with my own model designs, but one day I want to build my own 3D TOS Enterprise and other ship for never seen TOS era scenes.
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