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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Not really seeing what his problems at first base are at the moment. Seems like he's played it just fine whenever asked. Not flashing crazy range, but not doing anything to hurt you. He doesn't HAVE to play 1B most of the time, so not really an issue, but when we go to NL parks, not like anyone's afraid to put him out there. Is he really that much worse than the 'superior' NL sluggers playing 1B? Or any of the other statues out playing LF (or 3B for ARod or Miggy) in the field? The narrative seems to be that Ortiz can't play the field (because he hasn't really had to), but seems whenever he does, he's fine. Went back and looked, he played more than I remembered in '03 and '04. Wasn't awful. Not gonna get a gold glove, but not why they're paying him the big bucks.

And for the argument about how he has time to go down and take swings or study film in between at bats and that's why he's so good? He played all 3 games in the WS at 1B and didn't seem to slow down his batting at all...

Plus, just don't want to see the pitcher bat, it looks like a Little Leaguer up at the plate, just pathetic. Kinda the opposite of how Ortiz looks at the plate, where he looks like he's taking pitches from LL'ers at the moment

And yeah, when he's 11 for 15 or whatever (again, that factors in a grand slam that was taken away over the wall by Beltran), he can do whatever he wants. Guy's on FIRE right now.
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