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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

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It's that time again, the NBA Season is almost here and I know we have some fans of the game here. I'm a casual NBA fan, but had a ton of fun watching the Warriors in their playoff push last year. I expect great things from this team this year, even maybe a 4th seed in the Western Conference. I heard on the Radio that some national reporters are predicting the Warriors in the NBA Finals. My question is who? They have to get by OKC and San Antonio first.

They also made news tonight by resigning Andrew Bogut to a 3 year contract. We'll see how that goes but this sounds like a contract based on prior emotions rather than a good deal. If he plays 50-60 games (or more) in each year than it's a good signing. Unfortunately he is injury prone and this has a risk of being a not so good signing. We will see.
Ah, my favorite time of the year. Football, hockey, and NBA basketball...

I saw quite a bit of the Warriors during the preseason and they looked like they might miss Jarred Jack and that other forward (I think), they lost in free agency. They're still going to be pretty tough. I liked that they wrapped up Bogut. Yeah, he's injury prone but when he is playing the guy really can guard the rim. He can cover other guys' defensive mistakes. There aren't many bigs out there who can do that. Where's my boy, Haven'tGotALife?

My Lakers, sigh, will not be competing for a chip this season. Kobe, sigh, will not be ready probably before December barring setbacks. And, sigh, we still have Mike D'Antoni. But, I still think that with a bit of injury luck, that we didn't have last season, some much needed chemistry, and we could still make the playoffs.

I don't think the HEat will win a third championship. They will have to make it to the Finals 4 straight times. Not impossoble, but not a sure thing either -- UNLESS Greg Oden has a breakout season. If he does, they might 3-Peat. If OKC can successfully replace Mike Harden this season, they have a chance to finally get the franchises' second championship. But, big IF.

I'm ready.
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