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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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Er...the whole point was that Sisko was being petty and unprofessional with regards to Eddington. He let him get under his skin.
Trust me buddy there was plenty for everyone.

Sisko flaw is his pride , which is good. Every one needs one, and maybe the fact the man he trusted turned on him.

While watching the For the Cause and for the Uniform I noted Eddington flaw is his belief in his own moral superiority , like when he was criticising the Federation { for lets be honest valid points} he sense of greater standing in the whole scheme of things.

Which is all good , when defending your home. Not so good when you start bionuking pretty much innocent colonies to regain your land. And planning to do so again and again because hey , its all good where the good guys.

None where innocent.

Not the Federation who abandoned them, needs of the many out weighs the needs of the few. Which to be honest was the right thing to do logically, because its an unfair universe and you do what you can to prevent unneeded war. In fact they could have forced the Colonists to be relocated but of course they didn't. The Federation can never be the bad guys, they just leave their citizens living next to them undefended looks less bad right ?

Not Sisko, whose pursit of Eddington was blinded by pride. And if maybe wasn't so angered could have caught him before things got to bio nuking stage.

Not the Marquis who turned from plucky defenders to terrorist bombing worlds from orbit with poison.

And certainly not Eddlington who could play the innocent and misunderstood hero all he wants, but did betray his uniform , his office, stole from the Federation, attacked unarmed transports fleeing a World he bio nuked and sneered at those he thought didn't have the bones to do what had to be done. Yet bitch about it when it's done to him.

Ironically , I don't blame the Cardassian military . Because Victim blaming is when you smear the innocent party to assign blame and deflect guilt, this is face palming when you a bunch of people living next to a group of people known for treachery , mass murder and brutality . And being surprised when said group of mass murdering bullies start in on you. When you can you know, relocate.

Space is big.
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