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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Pacific Rim - On Demand - I wanted to like this, even before seeing this. I own the movie RoboJox on VHS, which I transferred to DVD just to have. I love big giant robot stuff, my fondest memories from childhood is of Voltron. Yet this movie did almost nothing for me. It wasn't as bad as transformers but at least their was some excitement to those movies. This movie seamed like all the actors were sleepwalking through their parts. The fight scenes between the Kaiju and Jaegers were always presented at night with rain, like they were trying to hide the CGI. The fights themselves were ho-hum and boring, did people actually go crazy for this movie? All the characters in this movie are caricature, barely two-dimensional. The must have literally taken out 1000 other scripts and copy and paste the bear minimum of dialog to make up this script.

But the worse fucking this of all was the character of Dr. Newton Geiszler played by Charlie Day. I was like, I recognize this guy but can't remember from where. They I realized where I saw him, Horrible Bosses. He was the worse thing about Horrible Bosses and he drags this movie down so far, he is like the black hole of acting. Him trying to be funny is screaming at an octave that only dogs can hear at. I really wish they would stop giving him roles, they are taking them away from other high pitched comedians who need work and who are actually funny.
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