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Re: Are communicators and tricorders anachronistic now?

I always find it interesting to see how modern technology continues to head towards what Star Trek postulated as mere fiction 50 years ago. With each new development, I've always been able to turn to a friend and say, "Star Trek had all these things five decades ago you know".

People keep mentioning Picard's desktop computer. One thing I found interesting that I'd never noticed before until a recent rewatch is how Patrick Stewart changed how he operates the prop as time went on, as technology like laptop computers started to become more mainstream. In the beginning he was just kind of gingerly tapping it's single button interface as if to imply that's how it cycles through options. But there's a point around the early 90s where he really does begin to operate it more like a real computer, using its single control button in a manner suggesting that he's moving a mouse pointer around the screen. Just a little observation, a case where Star Trek's future began to catch up with our present rather than the other way round.
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