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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

I was again hoping to avoid double-posting, but, again, nobody responded.

I thought Season Two was very strong, particularly if watched without the four Season 1 holdovers (not because they're bad episodes, but because they really don't 'fit' as part of the season) and with Death Wish after Prototype and before Alliances.

It's certainly stronger overall than the second season of its successor Enterprise, but not as strong as the second season of its predecessor DS9 (which, IMO, was the strongest second season of the entire franchise).

The fact that the season both starts and finishes with Chakotay-focused, Kazon-centric episodes (Initiations and Basics P1, respectively) gives it a serialized cohesion that Season 1 didn't have and helps to concretely establish the show as a Serialized Procedural. The season also gives us some great character development and progression for pretty much every character.
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