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Re: Who here actually works on a fan production?

hmm...I've been involved in a lot of different productions in a lot of different ways. It started with Walter Koenig begging me to help out "New Voyages". I started as on-set wardrobe and in the ensuing years I've been costumer, costume designer, event planner, SAG contact, PR, news editor, producer, makeup lead, production coordinator, story editor, co-writer, writer, development officer, scheduler/AD, website adminstrator, convention/media contact, "the sane Susan to James' Gene", and a whole host of other things... I've done costumes for other productions including Project Potempkin and Secret Voyage, been a costume consultant for such films as Farragut and Excalibur, helped develop several fan films beside P2, and am right now the co-executive producer of Starship: Ironsides - which is in development and almost ready to take off like a....starship!
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