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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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Don't worry, you are not alone. I too find serial television somewhat passe these days. I think there was a period where it became fashionable, and heaven only knows I thought things like Buffy, The X-Files and The West Wing were the cleverest thing on TV in their day; I thought that serial television allowed so much more scope that regular old jeopardy-of-the-week plotting. But on some level, I've changed my mind about that. I think these days I might actually prefer the lack of complexity that pure episodic television provides. Serial television requires a lot more..... 'commitment'.
Thanks, Lance! I don't feel so alone now!

I keep waiting for reality tv to die out, but at this point I think tv will die first. Hmm, maybe Data was right, after all: 2040 isn't really all that far away!
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