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Re: Regarding Fan Films set in the Abramsverse

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I think it's perfectly fair. The fact that they let us make fanfilms at all is more than fair to my mind.

Fan entitlement is really out of control.
Can I give you a +10 for understatement? I'm utterly thrilled that they're as open as they are. I really can't think of any other franchise that's as generous.

Actually Lucasfilm is the gold standard of how to treat the fan film community. They set rules for all to follow, encourage fans to make films and then actively promoted a film contest.

If you know anything of the Star Wars franchise's treatment of fan films, CBS can't hold a candle. I have spoken to the key people at CBS asking them to adopt such practices but unfortunately they don't want to deal with fan films unless absolutely necessary. Not that they don't care. I love the people at CBS, but they just don't get paid to deal with fan films.
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