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Re: Next Wonder Woman movie won't have her name in the title

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While it is kind of crappy not to put her name in the title, at this point I'd just be happy to get any kind of movie focusing on Wonder Woman.
Tucker never actually says her name won't be in the title, despite the claim in the headline. At least, he didn't say that in the quoted portion -- he just said they'd be using Justice League as an "umbrella" for films about heroes who aren't Superman and Batman. Maybe it'd be like the Pocket novels I mentioned, where Justice League is a supertitle for the series and the individual installment is titled Wonder Woman: Something. Or maybe it'll be called Justice League: Wonder Woman.

I read the article but wasn't entirely clear on if it was WW centric Justice League movie, or if it would be a WW solo movie that was just put under a Justice League banner.
Tucker's exact words were "a Wonder Woman-centered Justice League movie." Probably like the way individual episodes of JL/JLU would focus on specific members of the team, and others would be present in the background but not carrying the story.
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