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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Workbee wrote: View Post
This reminded me of a thought I had earlier. I wonder if it would help to allow for one undersized or oversized deck at the top of Excelsior's secondary hull, where that thin band of blue / grey circumscribes the hull. That might help out with matching the decks to the windows, as that feature may break up the alignment of a standard sized deck.

Also kind of weird on the all the sharp turns those intermix shafts are taking in the Ent-Refit and Excelsior. Would follow Probert's design, even if it doesn't quite match up with the movie sets.

Really wish I hadn't skipped lunch -- this is sounding a lot more blunt and demanding than I wanted. Unfortunately by brain is really struggling to string words together right now. So, yay, great job, lots of awesome work, and stuff, and stuff...
No worries friend, it's Monday all over.

I tend to agree about the half deck... actually the only way to make the bridge work at all for the smaller version (and, really, the larger one too) is to bury the bridge partially within a half-deck superstructure.

And I'm starting to agree regarding the twisty-turnies of the intermix chamber... in fact I had the same thought at nearly the same time you posted.

Egger wrote: View Post
For me it looks like only the Refit has different deck heights in the saucer and engineering sections. The TOS version has (approximately) the same deck heights throughout the whole ship.
Well, here's one place where I'm just weird. Since the refit's size is so well pinned down, as this little exercise has more or less ended up proving, I've chosen to use it to inform myself about how the TOS ship was constructed. It's primarily a matter of perspective, but for me having the two be more similar is what makes my particular take unique... and for my money makes the refit not so silly.

Here's the math that I used to work out the deck heights on the smaller "Probertized" Excelsior:

Pixel height of 9.5 foot decks:
467 meters = 1532.15 ft/4939 px = .3102 ft/px
9.5/ .3102 = 30.6 px

Backing out to the overall length from the secondary hull deck height:
9.5 ft/30 px = .3105
4939 px * .3105 = 1533.35 ft = 467.37

And here's a new shot of the three heavy cruisers together. It strikes me how little they all seem at this scale, after looking at the huge ones so much.

Sorry about the watermarks. I didn't fade them as much as I normally do, and I have to get up at 5:30 so I'm not going to do them over now.

I think I'm going to wind up finishing out both scale Excelsiors, and probably the official scale versions of all the other ships. I may potentially go finish the upscaled versions of all the others, too.
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