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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

87. Gravity: A+
88. Supergirl: D
89. Escape Plan: B+
90. Prisoners: A
91. Disappearance of Alice Creed: A

Playing catch up here.

Supergirl: Hadn't seen this since the early 90's on VHS and finally decided to give it a rewatch. Maybe it was the era and being caught up in the Reeves films and coming of Burton's Batman but I recalled my teen self thinking this was decent. It really isn't, it's very bad. Sometimes one should just allow a memory to remain as it was.

Escape Plan: This was exactly what I thought it would be and it delivered. It doesn't try to be anything more really and because of the simplicity and adherence to that they made a good film. Even tossed in a bit of twist and it's too bad that many are going to pass on the film. I'll honestly say there aren't any sequences that scream "must see on the big screen"(which is usually a leading factor among a few for me), it's at least matinee worthy if you got the time. I saw this for the guilty pleasure of being a fan of both stars.

Prisoners: Again, while not big screen must see this film is a tense, tight, emotional drama that weaves together a disturbing narrative through various angles over it's 2.5hrs with some surprises in the plot as well. At the least Hugh Jackman should get nominated come February.

Disappearance of Alice Creed: This is at it's core essentially a 3 man play with only a few sets. It's fairly easy to see where it's going by the end of the first act. Although one moment in the second act did catch me by surprise. The films title, imo, takes on a dual role as well by the time we end the story. It's 3yrs old but I'll spoiler it just in case
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