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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

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There's a lot in Star Trek that wasn't intended to be nitpicked at HD resolution. This is one of those things.
But it's still a little sad that ENT got it wrong.
Yeah, but I don't think ENT necessarily "got it wrong".

I'd like to know why so many shots in The Tholian Web on the Defiant, in which the resolution is such that one would make out the emblems on TV's of the day, seem so cleverly staged as to cover them up. If the intent was for the Defiant crew to have an arrowhead emblem, then why all seeming efforts to hide the emblems? Did some costumes not have any emblems sewn on them at all? I guess that could be a reason, but then why sew any on for any of the Defiant crew? Why not just have the crew all face down or away from the camera, or otherwise hide that part of the costume?

Sure, we've seen the Justman memo, but a) the ship on uniform emblems had already sailed by then (ha ha), and b) Justman's memo is from the second season, but Justman had a different role on the third season than he did on the second. Is it possible that he changed his mind by then, or that there was a different policy then, or that he just didn't care anymore?
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