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Re: Weird Thing in "The Naked Time"

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I mean, he compromises his isolation suit, notices the stink on his hand, then doesn't say anything about the contamination?
I figured the shower-curtain suits were just to provide heat, not protection against environmental hazards. For one thing, the hoods are completely open at the bottom.
It's always struck me as most likely that the suits were meant for heat and comfort rather than environmental hazard protection. Besides the hoods being really obviously open, and how easily one can take pieces off and put them back on again, note that Spock says to make certain they haven't exposed themselves to anything --- pointless if they are environmental hazard suits because that would be guaranteed by not unsealing the suits --- and calls for a round of decontamination after they get back to the ship, which again, if the suits are meant to be proof against would be a redundant measure.

It's also not clear they had reason before beaming down to be looking for any specific peril; besides the cold, what would they have to be filtering out? (Granted that it would make a lot of sense to suppose a possible contaminant is at any outpost that's stopped responding, but the rest of the Treks indicate that they don't don environmental suits often.)
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