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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

Another couple of series I really enjoyed that no one has mentioned yet were the Mirror and Myriad Universe series. The Mirror Universe series is series of stories set in the Mirror Universe from TOS, DS9, and Ent. and it weaves it's own arc throughout the episodes and after them. It originally started with two collections of three novellas, one for each of the TV series and one for NF. These were Glass Empires and Obsidian Alliances. After that was short story collection, Shards and Shadows, which featured sequels to the stories from the first two collections and stories for the series not previously featured. This was then followed by an expansion of the TOS story from the Glass Empires, The Sorrows of Empire, into a full length novel. The storyline that had been building since the original TSoE was then concluded in Rise Like Lions. This is a great series, with the highlights being the two novels, which both absolutely amazing.
The Myriad Universes series was a series of 9 standalone novel released in three collections and a comic book miniseries. The collections were Infinity's Prism, Echoes and Refractions, and Shattered Light. The comic book miniseries is The Last Generation. I haven't read the comics, but the novels in the collections pretty much all range from good to amazing.
I'd highly recommend all of both series.
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