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Re: Next Wonder Woman movie won't have her name in the title

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its a shame, because the Wonder Woman animated film was one of the best DTV movies they produced.
But like they said, it comes down to sales. They do intend to make more Wonder Woman and solo-superhero animated movies, but they're sneaking them in under the Justice League banner because that's a proven seller. I'm happy with that. Sometimes you have to get creative with titles or presentation in order to appease the sales and marketing people so you can do what you wanted to do all along. What matters is that a WW movie gets made, regardless of what they call it.
The problem is, the ladies commenting on the article at <i>The Mary Sue</i> aren't satisfied and are accusing DC and Warners of not doing enough to sell Wonder Woman to everybody.:roll eyes:

Sometime, I wish that people would learn what business is by taking business classes, as Temis The Vorta once said.
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