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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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I love Journey's End. I think it's the perfect ending to the RTD/Tennant era.
TSE/JE are my favorite nuWho eps. I agree with you, it's really the perfect ending to the RTD era, and frankly, if the show had simply ended there, I think I'd would've been happy with that.

That said, I gotta admit that I'm getting more psyched for 'The Day of the Doctor'. I just hope I won't be disappointed.
I know nothing about it to really form an opinion one way or another. I hope it's good, but while everyone is excited for the 50th anniversary, to me it's just another episode.

One thing I took away from rewatching Journey's End last night and maybe a problem I have with Doctor Who in it's current form is that it's hard to really "feel" anything in the current incarnation. What I mean is the episodes are fun and the characters good, but what I loved about when I first started watching Who was that it felt like characters were a lot more developed and utilized better. I mean look at Donna. It's been a while since I've seen any of Donna's Doctor Who's, but based on what I remember that ending to JE was really really sad. We got to know this character for a Christmas special and full season and we had the pleasure of watching her change. She changed from this bossy bitch to this gorgeous young intelligent woman and all that was snatched away from her. If you want a Reset button done well, look no further than Journey's End.

The same can be said with the other characters, and even the Doctor. We saw relationships build and die, we saw the Doctor actually caring for these people as people, not as companions, and Dave Tennant had great chemistry wtih pretty much everyone.

Granted we saw some of that with Smith and Amy and Rory (Moreso with Amy), but it didn't seem to go deep enough. Now that we have Smith and Clara, and it's just not the same. I'm hoping in the future instead of focusing on the timey whimy, they can get back to the characters. You can have distrust and bad relationships, but I want to see those develop again.
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