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Re: Xenex pronunciation?

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I'm curious, how come so many people change the first "x" into a "z"? Is it something about American pronunciation?
Yes, that's the way "x" is always pronounced at the start of an English word derived from Greek: xanthate, Xerox, xerophyte, xenophobe, Xerxes, xiphoid, xylem, etc. The only exception I can think of is that "Xavier" is sometimes pronounced "gg-zavier," though sometimes it's just "zavier." (Here in Cincinnati, we have a St. Xavier High School pronounced the former way and a Xavier University pronounced the latter way.) And of course there's Xmas, pronounced "Christmas."
I'm not sure I would know how to lead with a pronounced "x"-- and I went to Xavier High School. The "Ex-avier" pronunciation feels very regional to me-- since leaving the Cincinnati area, I tend to just go with "Zavier."
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