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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

I'm still not convinced that Voyager is a 'Serialized Procedural'.

The 'Procedural' aspect of a cop show or legal drama is obvious. It's the minutea of the job, showing the police going methodically through investigating a case or a legal team moving with their client from discovering what the issue is to reaching a negotiated resolution (or, if it comes down to it, fighting the battle in court).

The description 'Procedural' implies a narrative focus on such minutea is essential. What makes any old detective show a 'Procedural' is the extent to which the writers have done their research and incorporate that minutea into the drama.

Unless we count the Technobabble, as far as I know Star Trek could not truly be described as a 'Procedural' in any of it's various formats.
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