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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

Hey guys,

It gets worse. Heh.

************************************************** ******************

Main Bridge
USS Shuttlesworth

“Gods no,” Captain Ottah shook his head. On the viewer, the Baltimore had engaged Ariane, lobbing a fusillade at the smaller, Saber-class vessel. Deceptively compact, Sabers were loaded with armaments and Rhizzo gave back in kind. The darkness of space exploded in a violent clash of colors between the two starships. Along with the Shuttlesworth, K’mpec and Empress floated idly, unsure what to do.

The Edoan looked to his first officer to get her take, quickly remembering that Janice Hsiao was leading the joint rescue mission to retrieve any Narcissus survivors.

He wondered what the rescue teams, culled from the various starships’ personnel, would think if they returned to see their respective starships dueling or even worse, one or more of the taskforce ships destroyed by a fellow Starfleet vessel.

Lt. Commander M’Reah, the woman occupying Hsiao’s seat, looked as perplexed as he must have. The dark gray furred Caitian flicked her golden eyes and shook her head in a gesture nearly mirroring Ottah’s. “What do we do sir?” The woman asked, clearly not comfortable with being thrust into such a pressure cooker.

Normally the ship’s Science Officer, M’Reah thought that every problem could be solved with the scientific method. But Ottah was as dumbfounded as she was to find a way to apply the venerable process to this situation.

“Move to engage the Ariane,” he said eventually. The sooner Rhizzo was subdued, the sooner they could return to their mission. The deck plating trembled slightly as the flight control officer quickly changed the ship’s course. The nimble fingered Nuvian ensign whipped the Nebula-class ship around like a shuttlepod.

“But sir,” Lt. Zaiden spoke up. The Acamarian Security Officer was never at a loss for words. Normally Ottah encouraged it. Normally. Ottah swiveled his head around to glower at the man who stood at a freestanding aft terminal. Not sensing the change in the captain’s mood, Zaiden continued, “Baltimore was the aggressor. They fired first. Shouldn’t we move to intercept them instead?”

“Captain Thelius was only trying to prevent a greater aggression from Commander Rhizzo,” Ottah calmly responded, reining in his frustration. “We can’t allow Ariane or K’mpec to use subspace weapons against the Kothlis’Ka. It would violate everything we stand for.”

“The captain is correct,” Lt. Commander M’Reah said, her voice hardening, “Now target our weapons on Ariane and prepare to fire at the captain’s’ order.” Ottah turned back to the woman and gave her an encouraging half-smile.

The smile crumbled seconds later as the bridge shook violently. “What was that?” M’Reah asked, but Ottah already knew.

“We’ve just been fired upon,” he answered before Zaiden or the Operations Officer could.
************************************************** ***********
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