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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

I voted for no, keep the nu timeline going. And here's why:

The timeline as I see it goes right along happily until First Contact. That trip back in time by the Borg and Picard's crew screwed the timeline in the direction of Enterprise. Ever wonder why the Vulcans kept holding the humans back in relation to technology? Forget the horsesh-t about "not being ready", its that the Vulcans knew about the bits of Borg in the Arctic circle and wanted to make sure we could handle that kind of threat instead of allowing us to send spindly little speed machines into the great unknown. Anyway, since the timeline was already messed up by First Contact, ST09 didn't *actually* reboot anything. *THE REBOOT WAS ENTERPRISE*. Yes, the Narada's arrival messed things up too, but at that point, the alternate timeline was already 172 years old, so calling it an alternate alternate is pointless when we don't know how the NX-01 would have altered things before the Narada arrived.

On that note, notice how Kirk's crew was so much better at resetting the timeline BY SHEER LUCK than Picard's crew was when they actually tried to set things straight?
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