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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

Nice to meet you too KRAD! That was a hell of a coincidence that you came to the very library where I live and where my ex works, or else I never would have known! When she showed me the flyer I flipped out!

I remember my favorite books from back in the day were 34th Rule and Stitch in Time, and continuity porn books like the Reeves-Stevens DS9 trilogy and of course the Shatnerverse books. Those were cinematic in a way that the tv shows and other books never were. I recall not being greatly enthused by the DS9 Relaunch books, though I applauded them moving the story forward in a different way.

Having read a few synopses I definitely want to check out the final "Time Of" book that directly leads into Nemesis! The other ones don't sound as interesting.
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