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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

Only just catching up with this... I'm very happy to see they've changed Archer and T'Pol, to reflect their beautiful and rugged make-overs that year. Oh, hang on... wrong way around that!

It's not perfect, but still great to see what can be done to fix that artwork, has been.

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Still no S3 actual, or even approximate, release date announced for the UK. I really hope CBS haven't decided to pull the plug in Europe, probably not, but poor sales do sometimes influence decisions of that type - especially in smaller markets.

I'll import the US set if necessary, but I'd really rather not.
Me too. Importing more than those single disc TNG feature-length we don't usually get, could get expensive due to the customs tax.

Hopefully it's simply that PHE UK are going to be a month or two behind the States, ENT S3 being so early into 2014. There's always a lull for new releases in the first few weeks right after Christmas. Perhaps holding it back until February or March, bringing it out just before TNG S6 or something.
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