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Re: So bloody sick of weekly TV reboots

And the majority of them for the past ten or so years have also been on CBS. They're all basically high-ratings hits, but you'd think they'd try for a bit more variety. The SOLO cops of the 70s were a helluva lot more visually distinctive in their own way. They mostly had one-name titles (IRONSIDE, CANNON, COLUMBO, KOJAK, McCLOUD, etc.) but at least they stood out personality-wise rather than letting the plot be the be-all and end-all.

BREAKING BAD has NOT been remade. Yet. But, someday, you can bet it will, probably the moment Vince Gilligan passes on. Same goes for JAWS and Spielberg. Why'd I include it? For the same reason TREK scripts always add an unknown name to a list of known ones: it's going to happen.
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