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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

The hell? Is that picture of Marcus under an original Constitution genuine? If so, that's crazy. On about six levels. Magnificent, but crazy.

Also the final 0718 is odd, as not only is it grey not lightish brown like most Abrams ship stuff, it also has the TOS details. I'm torn between being pleased at the TOS stylings and thinking it doesn't fit with the new aesthetic, but the former's definitely winning.

The registries thing with Consellation is odd, but I always took it that NCC numbers were production codes that were assigned as they freed up, but also moved upwards in a general way. Who knowshow NCC registries actually work: it might be registered by where and when built (like 1017th of the San Fran shipyard, 1701st of the San Fran shipyard) but that wouldn't account for the A, B, C or D, unless they were being filed as replacements for production code 1701 regardless of where/when built.
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